Motivational Mantra

At the end of my studies, I do an immersion in the world of work. A routine sets in, but does not suit me.

I decide to change course in my quest for freedom and wealth. So I take the time to write down what I want to achieve in my life, the smallest, gigantic and craziest goals.

This process leads me to meet business leaders, psychologists, people in the same dynamic as me, giving me the opportunity to describe my emotions and clarify my ideas.

I started to achieve the smallest goals on my list, which gradually led me to achieve one of the craziest, a solo Road Trip for 2 months, in South America with the aim of see a Lama.

I had to use many qualities during this project:

  • motivation
  • Risk taking
  • Relentlessness
  • Taking initiative
  • in order to have fun at best for its realization. Essential qualities for entrepreneurship.

This Road Trip made me realize that there are many opportunities in life. For this, you have to work in order to benefit from it. I share with you my Motivational Mantra.

Work For Play.

Our team wants this philosophy to accompany you in achieving your goals.

                    Co-founder, Hyacinthe