Work For Play PARIS™

Work For Play Paris™ is a brand for the daring who have decided to work in order to achieve their goals, their dreams and know the satisfaction of a job well done! 

"I did it!"

For us, everything starts during a Road Trip, we discover ourselves, through joy, fear of the unknown, courage, determination, encounters, fun.

This experience brings out our best version. In us, various truths are revealed about:
  • freedom of action
  • An open mind
  • Financial ease
  • An infinite joy
  • And above all that everything becomes possible with motivation, work and a touch of madness.
These truths must become our daily life. The Work For Play Paris™ team wants to rekindle the flame and encourage our friends to work hard to have fun.

Have fun in the sense of realizing your smallest, craziest, most gigantic dreams to find this satisfaction of a job well done, and experience no regrets.

Like a top athlete, it is at the top that we take the most pleasure.

Our symbol is the mythical Lama of Peru.

To reach it, you have to take risks, climb mountains, reach the top, in order to appreciate its smile, its joy, its sweetness, and its setting of freedom.

The route to reach the mythical Lama of Peru perfectly represents our guideline, in order to achieve our dreams.

It's time to tell the world with Work For Play Paris™, that you, my friend, are working to achieve your dreams.

                                        Work For Play Paris™.